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Thank you for visiting the skymore.com website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”)!




Before using this Website, we kindly ask you to carefully read the terms outlined below in the public offer agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”). The Agreement contains important information regarding the use of the Website and important information and warnings about the provision of services that you can obtain through this Website. You agree to familiarize yourself with this Agreement independently before each use of the Website. If you do not agree with the terms outlined in the Agreement, you should not use the Website and should leave it immediately.



  1. Terms and Definitions

SKY AND MORE – Limited Liability Company “SKY AND MORE,” providing a service for booking services on the Website with the domain www.skymore.com.

User – a capable individual who has reached the age of 18, has the legal right to enter into contractual relations with “SKY AND MORE,” including placing an order or booking services on the Website, or specified as the recipient of the service, or otherwise using services acquired on the Website.

Public offer – an offer containing all essential conditions of the contract, from which the will of the person making the offer to conclude a contract on the conditions specified in the offer with anyone accepting this offer is evident (Art. 453 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Armenia (hereinafter – the Civil Code)).

Acceptance of the offer – the response of a person to the offer of the offer with its full acceptance (Art. 454 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Armenia). The performance by a person who has received the offer of actions to fulfill the conditions specified in it (payment for services, etc.) is considered acceptance, according to Art. 454(3) of the Civil Code of the Republic of Armenia.

Website – an open resource available for visual inspection, publicly accessible at the Internet address: http://skymore.com, through which the search for options, booking, purchase of services, and other actions related to the ordering of services are carried out.

Customer – a User who has accepted the offer and is thus a customer of the services of “SKY AND MORE.”

Passenger – an individual on behalf of whom and for whose benefit an air transportation contract has been concluded with the carrier (airline ticket purchased) or another service has been purchased.

Electronic ticket – an electronic document certifying the air transportation contract between the Passenger and the carrier, representing a digital record in the carrier’s database.

Order – a properly executed request by the Customer for the provision of services selected on the Website.

Reservation – means any single booking record of air transportation (air segment) made in the Booking System in an electronic document containing information about the passenger and the services reserved for him (PNR). Moreover, tickets must be issued for the air transportation segments.

Booking System – an information system containing information about flight schedules, seat availability on flights, carrier tariffs and rules of their application, as well as other conditions for the provision of the offered services. This information is placed on the Website in full accordance with how it is presented in booking systems by direct data providers (carriers) or their authorized representatives.

Customer Support Service (CSS) – a service that monitors incoming Orders and bookings daily and provides feedback to Users and Customers by phone at +374 10 30 90 90 or by email at [email protected].


  1. General Provisions and Subject of the Offer.

2.1 This document is an official offer (Public Offer) from “SKY AND MORE” and contains all essential conditions of the contract for providing services related to the information contained in the Booking System, as well as booking, processing, and selling services of third parties (airlines) for air transportation (sale of air tickets).

2.2 If the User accepts the conditions outlined below, they accept the offer by placing a checkmark in the “I agree with the booking rules” box on the last stage of Order/Booking processing on the Website.

2.3 By agreeing to the terms of the public offer, the User becomes the Customer, and this public offer is considered a contract concluded between the Customer and “SKY AND MORE.” The full and unconditional acceptance (acceptance) of this offer is the Customer making a payment towards the purchase of the acquired air tickets. In this case, this contract is the foundational document in the official relationship between the Customer and “SKY AND MORE.”

2.4 By taking actions to accept the offer, the Customer confirms their legal capacity and competence, reaching the age of 18, financial capability, and acknowledges responsibility for the obligations imposed on them as a result of concluding this contract.

2.5 The relationship between the Customer and “SKY AND MORE” is governed by the provisions of the current legislation of the Republic of Armenia, as well as the legislation of the countries where international carriers are registered.

2.6 The subject of this offer is the reservation and issuance of tickets by the Agency for regular flights of airlines in accordance with the rules and requirements of the carriers based on the Customer’s request. The obligation of “SKY AND MORE” to provide tickets, as stipulated in this offer, depends on the actual availability of seats with carriers and confirmation of the reservation by carriers.

2.7 “SKY AND MORE” is an authorized representative to carry out actions related to the issuance of transportation documents; the provision of air transportation services is carried out by the carrier in accordance with the Air Transportation Agreement concluded directly between the Customer and the carrier, confirmed by the issuance of an air ticket (itinerary receipt).

2.8 “SKY AND MORE” reserves the right to make changes to this document unilaterally. All offers, prices, as well as sales conditions posted on the website in the Booking System, may be changed, time-limited, subject to seat availability and advance booking periods, travel dates, minimum or maximum stay periods at the destination, weekends and holidays, seasonal price fluctuations, waiting lists, as well as affected by strikes and temporary system unavailability for booking, and/or subject to other changes, conditions, and restrictions.

2.9 Information in the Booking System may be changed and supplemented at any time. Changes become effective and binding on the Customer from the moment they are posted on the Website. The Customer monitors changes independently, and no additional notifications from “SKY AND MORE” regarding changes in conditions are sent to the Customer.


  1. Terms and Procedure for Booking and Issuing Air Tickets.

3.1 Air tickets on the website www.skymore.com can be purchased by both registered and unregistered users.

3.2 To use the service of booking air tickets, the User needs to fill out the online booking form on the Website, either in a brief version or with an extended search. Then, they need to perform all actions required for the Order/booking of the air ticket.

3.3 The User confirms the accuracy of all data in their Order, namely: departure city/airport and arrival city/airport, departure date and return date, flight class on all segments, the accuracy of their personal data, as well as the data of other Passengers when ordering for other individuals, and assumes full responsibility for their accuracy, completeness, and reliability.

3.4 The period for issuing the reserved air ticket (time limit) is set by the Agency in accordance with the rules and directives of the carriers. Carriers reserve the right to change the time limit or cancel the reservation at any time before the ticket is issued. If information about a change in the carrier’s previously set ticket purchase deadline is received, the Agency undertakes to inform the Customer about the new time limit.


3.5 The confirmed cost of the air ticket by the Agency is guaranteed only on the day of booking, as carriers reserve the right to change fares, taxes, fees, and exchange rates without warning until the air ticket is issued.


3.6 The Agency issues the ordered air tickets only after their 100% payment.

3.7 Changing personal data of any Passenger in the processed Order leads to the loss of agreed-upon fares. The terms of any changes in the issued travel documents (Electronic Tickets), including refunds and exchanges, are regulated by the tariff rules for this service, the air transportation agreement with the airline, this offer contract for services by “SKY AND MORE,” the Air Code of the Republic of Armenia, as well as other legislative acts, international treaties, and may involve the imposition of penalty sanctions on the Customer.

3.8 If the Order is processed automatically, the Customer can immediately proceed to payment and subsequent receipt of the Electronic Ticket on the Customer’s email after making the reservation.

3.9 In case the Order cannot be processed automatically (as the Customer will be notified through corresponding warning messages), the reservation made by the Customer will be reviewed by the Customer Support Service (CSS), and either confirmed or an alternative will be proposed to the Customer via the email specified during the Order processing. In the absence of such confirmation, the Order is not considered accepted. The Customer confirms their consent to receive email and SMS notifications, reminders, and other information related to the status of the Order. The reason for the impossibility of automatic Order processing may include manual confirmation of seats by the carrier, etc.

3.10 Services are considered properly rendered and in full after sending the Customer an Electronic Ticket (itinerary receipt) to the email address specified during Order processing. The Electronic Ticket confirms the conclusion of the air transportation agreement between the Passenger and the carrier, containing complete information about passengers, the route, and the cost of air transportation and additional services.

3.11 When paying for an order with a credit card, “SKY AND MORE” reserves the right to additionally request copies of the cardholder’s documents if there are sufficient grounds to believe that the transaction with the credit card used for payment may be fraudulent. This may also occur when the name of the cardholder does not match the name of the Passenger.


  1. Settlements and Payment Procedure.


4.1 Choice of Payment Method and Payment Details. The Buyer independently chooses a convenient payment method for the Reservation from those available for this Service and type of Service and accessible on the Website at the time of payment. Payment methods that are not provided and not available on the Website for payment confirmation are not accepted. When choosing the payment method with a payment card, the Buyer provides information related to payment cards, namely: card number, expiration date, CVC/CVV code, and the cardholder’s name. The Buyer gives consent to the Agency/Service Provider/Carrier/Payment system to process their personal and payment data for transferring funds for the selected service. The Agency may provide you with one or more payment method options for the Order, depending on the specific services included in the Reservation and the terms of the agreement between the Agency and the specific Carrier/Service Provider. The Agency may change/delete any payment methods on the Website at any time at its discretion without the obligation to notify or make changes to this Agreement.


4.2 The final cost of the air tickets booked by the Customer is indicated on the website www.skymore.com on the last step of the booking.


4.3 Features of payment for the Order using bank cards:

4.3.1 The cost of the air tickets booked by the Customer is indicated on the order confirmation page in the booking system’s currency. The specified amount is blocked on the Customer’s bank card. After issuing the air ticket, within a few days after confirming the operation, “SKY AND MORE” debits the funds previously blocked on the bank card. The Customer’s bank, in case of a mismatch between the order cost currency and the currency of the bank card, may convert it at its internal rate, which may differ from the Central Bank’s rate of the country where the bank that issued the User’s card is located. Before making a purchase, the Customer is recommended to clarify the bank’s internal rate and the possible commission for currency conversion. By making the payment, the Customer confirms that they have received the relevant information and agree to the final cost.

4.3.2 Payment for the order with a credit card must be made directly by the Customer – the cardholder.

4.3.3 Authorization of transactions with bank cards is carried out on the Payment Partner’s website. If the Payment Partner has reason to believe that the transaction is fraudulent, they may refuse to process it, and the Customer will receive a corresponding notification. “SKY AND MORE” is not responsible for the actions of the Payment Partner.

4.3.4 To prevent the unauthorized use of bank cards for payment, all orders placed on the website and subject to payment or already paid with a bank card may be checked. To verify the identity of the cardholder and their right to use the card, the person placing such an order must, upon request from the Payment Partner’s representative, provide a copy of the passport of the cardholder – the spread of the passport with the photo of the Customer, as well as a copy of the bank card on both sides (the card number must be closed, except for the last four digits) by fax or by email in the form of scanned copies. In case the requested documents are not provided by the User or there are doubts about their authenticity, “SKY AND MORE” reserves the right to cancel the order without explanation. In this case, if the payment has already been made, the cost of the order is refunded to the Customer’s card, minus the cost of the additional fee charged by “SKY AND MORE” for processing the order, its cancellation, correspondence with the Customer, and the refund.

4.4 If the Customer makes payment for the order by bank transfer, they will be issued an invoice for payment. Once the payment is made, and the funds are credited to the “SKY AND MORE” settlement account, the air tickets for the Order will be issued and sent to the Customer’s email address.


  1. Cancellation and Amendment of the Order.


5.1 Refund

Refunding the funds paid for the Order to the Buyer is always carried out in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, the Rules of Service Provision/Tariff Rules, other rules and recommendations, etc., including the recommendations of the Carrier/Service Provider applicable to submitting and processing a refund request for the Service, and the requirements of applicable legislation.

5.1.2 The procedure for processing a refund application and the technical refund procedure to the Buyer are regulated by the Rules of Service Provision/Tariff Rules for each specific Service to which the purchased Service belongs.

5.1.3 The Agency has the right to request additional documents from the Buyer who initiates a refund, such as identity documents (e.g., a passport), statements, certificates, and other documents confirming the reasons for the refund, as well as providing a bank statement when resolving disputed financial issues. When requesting a refund for the Service, the Buyer must provide the Agency with detailed information on the basis (reason) for such a refund. The Buyer bears full and sole responsibility for not providing the necessary documents and for not informing the Agency of the reasons for the refund.

5.2 The penalty sanctions of the airline that may apply to the Buyer as a result of canceling the air ticket, its reissuance, or making changes depend on the conditions of the tariff provided by the airline in each specific case.

5.3 The Customer familiarizes themselves with the tariff conditions during the booking process on the website www.skymore.com in the online reservation system on the penultimate step when entering their personal data. In case the Customer does not understand any conditions of the tariff, including conditions for refusal, refund, or making any changes to the booked order, the Customer must clarify the necessary information from a “SKY AND MORE” representative at the Customer Support Center.

5.4 When requesting a refund due to cancellation, the refund is made exclusively to the same bank card with which the payment was made.

5.5 When refunding issued tickets in accordance with the tariff rules and paid by a credit card, the calculated amount to be refunded will be credited to the Customer’s bank account linked to the card within 60 days, in accordance with the rules of international payment systems Visa and MasterCard, regardless of the card’s validity period and status.

5.6 Cancellation of unpaid/paid Reservations.

The deadlines for payment of Reservations are specified by Carriers/Service Providers, and the Agency cannot influence the change in the established deadline for the payment of Services and is not responsible for the cancellation of such Reservations. Your Reservation, which has not been confirmed by the Agency, will be automatically canceled in the Booking System without imposing penalty sanctions in the following cases:

(i) if, during the time you went through all the steps of the Booking dialogue, the Services were canceled (sold out) by the Carrier/Service Provider (for example, all tickets were purchased by third parties using the services of third-party services or directly by the Carrier);

(ii) if, during the time you entered the one-time payment confirmation code, the Services were canceled (sold out) by the Carrier/Service Provider;

(iii) if you did not make the payment/confirmed the payment of the Reservation within the established period. Hereby, you agree and fully understand that in case of canceling the Reservation and its re-creation (similar to the canceled one), the cost of Services specified in such a re-created Reservation may differ, including to a greater extent, from the cost of services that were specified in the canceled Reservation.


  1. Special Conditions.


6.1 In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Armenia dated June 13, 2015, No. 3P-49 “On Personal Data Protection,” the processing of the Customer’s and/or Passengers’ personal data is carried out for the purpose of fulfilling this agreement and the air transportation agreement, insurance services, accommodation, and other services, one of the parties to which is the Customer and/or Passenger.


6.2 “SKY AND MORE” reserves the right to transfer the personal data of the Customer and/or Passenger, and the Customer and/or Passenger do not object to the transfer of this data to the Carrier and other third parties involved in the processing of transportation.


6.3 “SKY AND MORE” undertakes to use all personal data of the Customer and/or Passengers, specified by them in the process of order processing, exclusively for the issuance of relevant services, identification, and support of the Customer and/or Passengers.


6.4 Personal data of the Customer and/or Passengers entered during the creation of an order in the Booking System on the website www.skymore.com, as well as the Customer’s credit card data during card payments, are transmitted from the customer to the server in an encrypted form over a secure channel. The credit card data of the Customer is not stored in the databases of “SKY AND MORE.”


6.5 Security Policy


When paying for an order with a credit card, the payment processing (including entering the card number) takes place on a secure page of the processing system that has undergone international certification.


This means that your confidential data (card details, registration data, etc.) do not enter the online store, their processing is completely protected, and no one, including our online store, can obtain the personal and banking data of the client.


When working with card data, the standard information protection is applied, developed by international payment systems Visa and Mastercard – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), ensuring secure processing of the cardholder’s card details.


The technology used for data transmission ensures the security of transactions with bank cards by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocols, Verified by Visa, Secure Code, and closed banking networks with the highest level of protection.


6.6 Security of the “Personal Account” section.


If you have registered on the website and gained access to the “Personal Account” section, you undertake to protect information about your registration data, including login and access password (received via email or SMS), control it, take measures necessary to prevent unauthorized access by third parties, and be fully responsible for any use of the “Personal Account” section by you and/or another person. If you have suspicions of possible unauthorized access by third parties to your “Personal Account” section, you undertake to immediately inform the Customer Care Service. Any actions performed in the “Personal Account” section will be considered as performed by you personally.


  1. Responsibility


7.1 “SKY AND MORE” cannot independently verify the information provided by carriers and cannot guarantee its accuracy. Therefore, it is not responsible to the Customer for any erroneous data about services, as well as for any harm or loss incurred by the Customer due to errors in the information.


7.2 “SKY AND MORE” is not responsible for negative consequences and losses resulting from events and circumstances beyond its competence. This includes actions (or inaction) of third parties, namely:

– Inability to fulfill obligations due to inaccuracies, insufficiencies, and untimeliness of information and documents provided by the User.

– Actions of carriers (changes, cancellations, rescheduling of flights, changes in ticket prices, withdrawal of tariffs from sale, cancellation of unpaid or paid reservations), as well as the safety, loss, or damage to the baggage, cargo, valuables, and documents of Passengers throughout their entire trip. In such cases, the responsibility lies with the air carriers in accordance with international rules and Russian legislation.

– Actions of customs and immigration authorities.

– Restrictions on the Passenger’s right to leave the Republic of Armenia by competent authorities.

– Actions of consulates of foreign states, including delays, refusals, or changes in the terms of issuing entry visas.

– Consequences of the Passenger’s violation of customs and border formalities, rules for the transit and transportation of baggage, as well as violation of special rules of conduct in the country of temporary residence.

– Lack of valid travel documents for the Passenger at the time of the trip.

– Failure or delay of the Passenger in checking in for the flight.

– Passenger’s non-compliance with the carrier’s rules of conduct on board aircraft.

– Lack of documents issued by “SKY AND MORE” for the Passenger.

– Deportation of the Passenger with invalid entry or exit documents is solely at the expense of the Customer. The Customer must independently obtain the necessary information from the consulate of the respective country and assumes full responsibility for preparing all the required documents for the trip.

– The Passenger must independently familiarize themselves with and comply with the requirements of the country they are traveling to, including document requirements for departure and arrival, the need for visas, compliance with other entry requirements, the need to arrange documents for the departure of children, animals, the need for permits to export weapons, art objects, and other permits and approvals. “SKY AND MORE” is not responsible for the Customer’s lack of knowledge or non-compliance with these requirements.


7.3 The User (Passenger) confirms and guarantees that they are aware and agree to the following:

– The terms of applying carrier rates, including conditions for ticket refunds and exchanges, and conditions for carriers’ connecting flights.

– Requirements for foreign passports and other formal documents, including the remaining validity period of a foreign passport required for obtaining a visa and entry into the country of residence.

– Obligations to comply with customs and border rules.

– The Passenger is solely responsible for the validity of foreign passports, permissions for the departure of minors, and other documents required to cross the border, as well as the accuracy of the information contained in these documents.

– Deportation of the Passenger with invalid entry or exit documents is solely at the expense of the Customer. The Customer must independently obtain the necessary information from the consulate of the respective country and assumes full responsibility for preparing all the required documents for the trip.

– The Passenger must independently familiarize themselves with and comply with the requirements of the country they are traveling to, including document requirements for departure and arrival, the need for visas, compliance with other entry requirements, the need to arrange documents for the departure of children, animals, the need for permits to export weapons, art objects, and other permits and approvals. “SKY AND MORE” is not responsible for the Customer’s lack of knowledge or non-compliance with these requirements.


7.4 “SKY AND MORE” does not control the process of data transmission across the entire Internet network through the networks of commercial access operators and cannot know the level of information protection on the computer used by the Customer. “SKY AND MORE” does not provide the Customer with any guarantees of secure transmission of information over the Internet from the Customer’s computer to the website www.skymore.com. The Customer, using the Internet, must independently take measures to protect their personal information and protect their personal computer from unauthorized access by third parties.


7.5 The Parties are released from liability for improper performance or non-performance of obligations under this contract-offer in the event of force majeure.


7.6 Disputes arising from the performance of this contract-offer initiated by the Customer are subject to consideration by the relevant court at the location of “SKY AND MORE”, observing the pre-trial procedure. A written claim must be sent by mail to the address of “SKY AND MORE” The response time to the claim is 30 business days from the moment “SKY AND MORE” receives the claim.


  1. Intellectual Property


8.1 All content of the Website (text and graphic information, software) is the property of “SKY AND MORE” and/or its contractors.


8.2 Reproduction, reprinting, and distribution of any materials from the website www.skymore.com are possible only with the written permission of “SKY AND MORE”.


8.3 The User is not entitled to make changes, copy, distribute, create derivative products, sell, or use the intellectual property of “SKY AND MORE” in any other way. Such actions will be considered a violation of copyright and will be prosecuted under the law.


  1. Details and Contact Information of “SKY AND MORE”
Full name of the Company Sky&More LLC
Country of incorporation and/or head office: 10 Vazgen Sargsyan St, Yerevan 0010, Armenia
Legal form: Limited Liability Companies (LLC),
Registration number and date: 264.110.1200232  2021-10-18
Tax identification number: 00244406
Company registered address: 10 Vazgen Sargsyan St, Yerevan 0010, Armenia
Company business (physical) address (if any): 10 Vazgen Sargsyan St, Yerevan 0010, Armenia
Telephone: +374 10 30 90 90
Email: [email protected]