We present to our tourists one of the most beautiful fjords in the world – Geiranger fjord. This natural wonder located in the Sunnmore region of Norway is really breathtaking.

The depth of the fjord reaches up to 500 meters, and the height of the surrounding mountains is 1600-1700 meters. It is a very good choice for lovers of active rest, with a perfect combination of wonderful nature and various entertainment.

The most famous place in Geirenger is the waterfall of 7 sisters, there is a legend about it. According to it, 7 sisters once lived on the mountain. Suddenly, a groom appears, who cannot choose one of the sisters for so long that all the heroes of this story turn into waterfalls. During the winter thaw, the number of “sisters” can even reach 11.

In this Norwegian bay, both in summer and winter, you can go to hiking, slide down long zip-lines and walk on the Skywalk at an altitude of 1,500 meters. If you want to continue exploring the most impressive places in the world and you are interested in such unique destinations, follow our suggestions.

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