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Exclusive Group Tour: November 16-23

          It’s time to make your dream come true with Sky&More       

Sky&More has initiated an exclusive group tour to fabulous Norway. For the first time, you have the opportunity to be in one of the less open corners of Northern Europe in a matter of hours from Armenia – in magical Norway, walk under the aurora-filled night sky, ride on a deer farm and take a three-day cruise along the Norwegian coast.

Visit one of the happiest countries in the world and you may discover your own happiness formula.

Let’s get to know Norway together, which is much more than the cold winter you imagine…

Sky&More values the comfort and satisfaction of tourists, sparing no effort even in the smallest detail.

  • You can take as many photos as you want.
  • Or enjoy Norwegian seafood and rich cuisine.
  • Get to know the local cultural diversity.
  • Finally, truly enjoy every moment of the trip


We don’t just offer trips, we create unforgettable experiences to discover a culture and a country in a unique way.

This trip is for those who:

    • Aimed at visiting unique places included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
    • Dream of sailing through amazing fjords and enjoying wild and unique nature.
    • Want to be in the homeland of the Vikings for a moment to feel the spirit of that period.
    • Discover Scandinavia in cozy corners of Norwegian museums and cities.
    • Dream of tasting the freshest seafood from the Norwegian Sea, which is distinguished by a wide variety of fish products.
    • And the most daring will feel in the arms of wild nature, where they will be met by polar bears, reindeer, arctic foxes and whales.

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We organize, you will enjoy.

November 16 / Day 1 – Arrival in Oslo

We will spend the first day of our trip in the Oslo capital. We will start our acquaintance with Oslo with a bus tour, sightseeing of the city, where you will get acquainted with the culture and life of the inhabitants of northern Europe. And we will spend the night at the Oslo Scandic Byporten hotel.

November 17 – Day 2 – Arrive in Tromsø and hunt for the Northern Lights

And now let’s go to the most fabulous city of this trip, Tromsø, where you will spend a fabulous night under the sky, strewn with the dancing lights of the aurora borealis. After all, Tromsø is one of the most interesting places in Norway and one of the most popular places for lovers of the polar lights. Accompanied by experienced guides, you will find yourself in those places where the northern lights will appear before you in all their splendor.

You don’t need to think about clothes as warm clothes, tea and snacks for the night tour are provided free of charge. During the 6-hour excursion, you will have such sensations that simply cannot be described in words … And at the end of the hunt for the aurora borealis, we will return to the hotel for the night.

Overnight accommodation in Tromsø will be arranged at Tromsø Lodge & Camping.

November 18 – Day 3 – Excursion program

On the 3rd day in Tromsø you will have the opportunity to choose from 3 entertainment options:

1.  Whale Watching in the Norwegian Sea

The whale safari (4-5 hours) is the highlight of any trip to Norway. At the right time of the year, from October to January, you have a 95% chance of seeing these sea creatures. And Sky&More will make every effort to ensure that you are in the right place at the right time and enjoy your trip to Norway to the fullest.


2.  Reindeer farm visit and sleigh ride

One of the most popular activities in Northern Norway is visiting a reindeer farm. During this visit, you will have the opportunity to ride a sleigh, interact with reindeer and meet the representatives of the Sami culture, one of the ethnic groups in Norway who pass on the skills and traditions of reindeer herding from generation to generation.

3.  Visit a husky farm

And if you are a husky lover, then you cannot miss the opportunity to visit a husky farm. During this 1.5-hour visit, you will enjoy a dog sled ride through the snowy regions of Norway (the visit to the dog farm is not included in the price of the trip).

November 19 – Day 4 – Free day

A free day can be spent strolling along Tromsø harbor and city center, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy Norwegian cuisine and hospitality. You will taste unique foods, including brown cheese (brunost), whale meat, venison steak and other unique dishes that can hardly be found anywhere else. And if you’re a fish lover, you’ll love Tromsø’s famous salmon in raw, smoked and boiled versions. We are sure you won’t regret it.

November 20-22 – 3-day cruise

Northern lights, acquaintance with deer and ethnic culture and delicious food – this is far from all that awaits you in the historical capital of the Arctic. You are yet to go on a three-day cruise from Tromsø to Trondheim on a beautiful ship that will enrich your impressions of Norway even more.

Cruise route from Tromsø to Trondheim includes: sailing on different fjords, visiting several fishing villages and coastal attractions.

November 20 – Day 5 – Start of the cruise

We will start the day with a transfer to the port of Tromsø, where the cruise will begin. On the 1st day of the cruise, we will sail along the fjords, see the highest peaks of Norway and idyllic islands with stops in the cities of Finsnes and Harstad. In Harstad, we will visit the Trondenes church, the northernmost stone church in the world, built in 1250.

We will continue the cruise to the smallest port of the cruise, Rissøihamn, and then head to Sortland Harbour, observing the amazing scenery that gradually changes along the way.

November 21 – Day 6 

    • Bodø

Early in the morning our ship will arrive in Bodø, recognized as one of the European Capitals of Culture in 2024. The city is also famous for its Bodø/Glimt football club. And after breakfast, our ship will pass beyond the Arctic Circle. The bravest can traditionally celebrate this memorable moment by tasting 1 spoon of fish oil.

During the cruise, you will undoubtedly be enchanted by the high mountains, which are rich in stories and legends from centuries ago.

    • Seven Sisters mountain range

The legend of the Seven Sisters mountain range says that 7 troll princesses escaped from an unwanted suitor and at sunrise turned into 7 beautiful mountains that we see today.

    • Mount Torgaten

And Mount Torgaten, rising vertically 258 meters from the sea, through which passes a hole 30 meters high, 25 meters wide and 160 meters deep, according to legend, is the cap of King Brojnoy, turned into stone.

Walking along this passage takes about 25-30 minutes. And for the view of the coast of Helgeland, it’s really worth going up here.

Our last stop of the day will be the cozy fishing village of Rørvik, nestled in the picturesque Vikna archipelago.

More information about the cruise program can be found here.


November 22 – Day 7 – Arrival in Trondheim, the city of kings and palaces

Founded in 997, Trondheim is the third largest city in Norway and perfectly reflects the Viking heritage. Trondheim will enchant you with its unique combination of medieval, historical and modern.

After arriving in Trondheim, we will travel by train to the Oslo capital, where we will spend our last night in Norway.

November 23 – Day 8 – arrival in Yerevan 

This is the last day of our journey, when you will arrive in Yerevan, taking with you a sea of memories and impressions.

  And all these experiences can be yours for €2,200.

The price included:

  • Air ticket

  • Transfer throughout the tour

  • Guide services

  • Hotel accommodation (breakfast)

  • All excursion fees

  • Cost of 3-day Cruise (breakfast)

  • Visa support

The price does not include:

  • Dinner

  • Individual tours and excursions

  Are you ready?

If you dream of an adventurous trip, then don’t miss the opportunity to travel with Sky&More, which will be offered to just 30 people who will be able to see and feel the breath of real Norway.

  And all these experiences can be yours for €2,200.

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